Funeral Resolution

Simple Church Funeral Resolution Template

This is a simple example of a church funeral resolution that can be easily adapted for services of a non-church member or not well-known deceased person.  It makes no particular reference to accomplishments yet it would be appreciated by the deceased’s loved ones.  Please note that it does include a brief funeral poem that adds a special touch.

Here’s a printable form of this Simple Church Funeral Resolution.

Just fill in the blanks with the names and places and you have a simple and quick funeral resolution ready for your ceremony.

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BE IT RESOLVED: Proper Format for Church Funeral Resolutions

Since a funeral resolution is an official document from a collective body that will be stored in church archives, it should follow the proper format.

Most of the information used in a resolution can be obtained during a brief interview with the family and church members familiar with the deceased. Here is an example of the proper format to use for a church funeral resolution:

It has five main parts,

  1. Title
  2. Introduction
  3. WHEREAS Statements
  4. Resolutions
  5. Official Statement

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